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Kiss Daddy Goodbye
Original title: Caution, Children at Play
Category Zombie Movie Database
Year: 1981
Country: United States
Production: Pendragon Film
Distribution: Srs Cinema
Director: Patrick Regan
Fabian, Marilyn Burns, Jon Cedar, Marvin Miller, Chester Grimes
Notes This is an old film I watched back in the 80's on the old Fright Night/Saturday Nightmares style programs. I remember it fairly well to know that it wasn't the greatest movie made but it was original in story... somewhat. But if you dig those old cheese fest 80's horror flicks then pick this one up.
Available: DVD - VHS
Audio format: Mono
Video format: 1.33:1

The premise of this story revolves around two children who have powers of telekinesis. The father makes them promise not to use these powers for fear that someone will take them away or harm them. When daddy is killed by a ruthless biker gang, the kids decide to bend that promise just a little and turn daddy into a lumbering zombie with a hankering for a hunk of biker.

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