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Beyond, The Beyond, The [ 1981 - Italy ]
Original title: The Beyond [ Hits:497 ]
Production: Fulvia Film
Plot: This film was known as a "7 doorways to hell" style film along the same vein as Gates of Hell, and 7 Doors of Death. In this film we see a man who

Blood of the Zombie Blood of the Zombie [ 1961 - United States ]
Original title: The Dead One [ Hits:401 ]
Production: Mardi Gras Productions Inc.
Plot: The story revolves around a voodoo priestess who resurrects a zombie to do her bidding. He runs around and kills folks for her to add to her undead

Bowery at Midnight Bowery at Midnight [ 1942 - United States ]
Original title: Bowery at Midnight [ Hits:381 ]
Production: Banner Productions, Monogram Pictures
Plot: Lugosi leads a triple life in this 40's classic when he plays a doctor, philanthropist, and crazed murderer. He runs a soup kitchen for the homeless

Burial Ground Burial Ground [ 1981 - Italy ]
Original title: Nights of Terror [ Hits:405 ]
Production: Esteban Cinematografica
Plot: We come into the film just as the professor opens this tomb/crypt/doorway to hell, whatever you want to call it, and unleashes the undead upon the g

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