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A Virgin Among the Living Dead A Virgin Among the Living Dead [ 1973 - Italy ]
Original title: Christine, Princess of Eroticism [ Hits:956 ]
Production: Brux International Pictures, Comptoir Français du Film Production (CFFP), J.K. Films
Plot: This girl arrives in London for a viewing of a her fathers will. Upon arrival she starts having weird visions and soon finds out that her family isn

Abracadabra Abracadabra [ 1986 - Hong Kong ]
Original title: Tian ling ling, di ling ling [ Hits:867 ]
Production: Long Shong Pictures
Plot: When a theater burns down some 30 years ago, killing the patrons, they come back as angry zombie/ghost creatures. When some people decide to remodel

Absurd Absurd [ 1981 - Italy ]
Original title: Zombie 6 [ Hits:731 ]
Production: Filmirage, Metaxa Corporation
Plot: Well, lets see, this is Silent Rage but in a small Italian village. That just about hits the nail on the head. Seems there is a "monster" which is

Acne Acne [ 2000 - United States ]
Original title: Acne [ Hits:912 ]
Production: New Eye Films
Plot: Franny and Zoe wake up one morning ready to go on a high school field trip. Their plans quickly change when Zoe drinks contaminated water and his he

After Death After Death [ 1988 - Italy ]
Original title: Zombie 4 [ Hits:691 ]
Production: Flora Film
Plot: A woman goes back to the island where her parents were killed. They had been working on a cure for cancer and accidentally raised the dead by angeri

After Sundown After Sundown [ 2006 - United States ]
Original title: After Sundown [ Hits:975 ]
Production: After Sundown Film Partners
Plot: "AFTER SUNDOWN" is an action-packed story of a young woman who uncovers a dark secret. She is plunged into a gory battle with a predatory vampire fr

Alien Dead, The Alien Dead, The [ 1980 - United States ]
Original title: The Alien Dead [ Hits:707 ]
Production: Firebird Pictures
Plot: This one begins with a meteor hitting somewhere in the swamps in the backwoods of Florida USA. From what I can remember it kills some people and mu

All Souls Day All Souls Day [ 2005 - United States ]
Original title: All Souls Day [ Hits:723 ]
Production: All Souls Day Inc
Plot: This film takes place in a village in what is assumed to be somewhere in Mexico during the festival All Souls Day hence the name. Seems this village

American Zombie American Zombie [ 2007 - USA, South Korea ]
Original title: American Zombie [ Hits:742 ]
Production: Lee Lee Films, iHQ
Plot: Filmmakers Grace Lee (“The Grace Lee Project”) and John Solomon (“Nonsense Man”) team up to shoot a documentary about high-functioning zombi

Army of Darkness Army of Darkness [ 1992 - United States ]
Original title: Army of Darkness [ Hits:824 ]
Production: Dino De Laurentiis Company
Plot: We are recapped with the events of Evil Dead II where Ash has opened the portal to suck the evil out of our world, and gets sucked into it as well.

Astro-Zombies, The Astro-Zombies, The [ 1968 - United States ]
Original title: Space Vampires [ Hits:668 ]
Production: Ram Ltd.
Plot: When a doctor is fired from the space center he decides to extract his revenge by creating a zombie to do his bidding. When the zombie goes out of

Attack of the Beast Creatures Attack of the Beast Creatures [ 1985 - United States ]
Original title: Hell Island [ Hits:697 ]
Production: Obelisk Motion Pictures
Plot: Survivors of a shipwreck are washed onto an island where they encounter zombies. There also another twist, all of the water on the island is acid! T

Automaton Transfusion Automaton Transfusion [ 2006 - United States ]
Original title: Automaton Transfusion [ Hits:752 ]
Production: Through the Heart
Plot: In the early 1970s, when everyone in America was worrying about what was going on in Vietnam, the United States Army was secretly developing a way t

Awaken the Dead Awaken the Dead [ 2007 - United States ]
Original title: Awaken the Dead [ Hits:670 ]
Production: Silver Storm Productions
Plot: Two down and out strangers are brought together by mysterious letters into a safe house as the world around them is infected by an experimental viru

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