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Dead Island Ryder White DLC Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jason Boyd   
Sunday, 05 February 2012 13:05

Dead Island Ryder White Review



Just when you thought it was safe to run around the island resort of Banoi, Techland and Deep Silver throw another wrench into your vacation plans with their newest DLC Ryder White.



Anyone who has played the vanilla Dead Island has heard of the infamous Colonel Ryder White. Working desperately to save his beloved/infected wife Emily he tricks the survivors into delivering the "cure"..... Or did he. This DLC offers a little more background into the colonel and fills in the blanks about the mysterious "Kevin" aka Charon.



As the player delves more into his side of the story we learn that things aren't quite what they seem. Is the colonel really a bad guy? Or just a man driven to save his wife from a fate worse than death?


The game play isn't much different in terms of the vanilla Dead Island. Ryder can level up, rage, and even has a skill tree much like the original survivors. But much like any good soldier focuses more on the run and gun aspect. Gun lovers will be pleased to learn that this DLC will focus more on gun play and leaves plenty of ammo to keep the living dead full of lead. There are no side quests however as it is pretty much linear and straightforward which might turn some of you off. But those who are actually intrigued with the story will have a feeling of satisfaction knowing what REALLY happened.



Most of the locations will appear very familiar such as Moresby and the Prison. There are a few places to explore but all eventually lead up to the same progression. The good ol' colonel will not have it as easy. The infected are doubled and tripled in some spots making the game extremely frustrating to those who have a hard time fighting them. There are green, purple, and orange weapons to even the playing field just a bit. But the player will have to rely on the zombies dropping items as there are no chests. Guns are fairly standard, short shotguns, regular shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, etc. Pyros will be happy to know that there are ample grenades, molotoves, and incendiary grenades to turn the undead into crispy critters.



This is more of an action and story driven DLC with little replay unfortunately. If you just like finding interesting and devastating ways of destroying the walking dead then some would want to play through more than once as the game doesn't focus to much on leveling up and the RPG elements aren't heavily focuses on to much. Ryder also doesn't have much in the ways of creating unique weaponry like the original four survivors. A form of weighted crowbar mod, a "sticky" bomb, and my personal fav the stun gun are really the only mods available. All in all not a bad deal for 10 US dollars but some fans might want to consider waiting for a sale before purchasing. The ending also would suggest that there is room for a sequel on the horizon.....


So from all of us at Living Dead Media we wish you unpleasant nightmares from Banoi.

Last Updated on Sunday, 05 February 2012 13:33