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The Gravedigger PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kommando   
Monday, 13 September 2010 00:20

The Gravedigger



The Gravedigger is the first zombie RTS (real time strategy) game for the iPhone and release by Behold Studios. I am a huge fan of zombies and RTS games and have to say this is a very cool game. Don't be fooled by the cartoon style graphics and at times silly music as this game will kick your ass the minute you underestimate it.


Evil or Good?


I purchased this a few days ago and I am hooked so far. I am not 100% on the story but it seems that you are a disgruntled gravedigger hellbent on destroying the rest of the human populace. Or you can take the good path and drive back the evil zombies and their gravedigger master and beat him at his own game.


Town meetings that end in clubs and torches are never good.


The interface is fairly simple as you can select an individual unit or reverse pinch and select a whole group. The battle system is fairly straightforward and easy to get the hang of. The gravedigger will supply you with fresh troops as long as you keep him alive and protected. The townsfolk can also be recruited into your undead ranks but either killing them or storming their houses and converting them.


"We're mad as hell and not taking it anymore!"


The game revolves around the typical RTS element which is overwhelm in sheer numbers. Not much tactical approach per say but still very fun none the less. I found myself getting taken down pretty easy but mostly by not planning ahead and watching my reserves. But after the learning curve you can find yourself in some pretty good scraps and the battle can go either way.


Zombies have rights to!!


If you enjoy RTS games and especially ones with a simple interface and want a good challenge then I recommend picking up The Gravedigger. They are having a sale and launched the title for 99 cents which is a great deal for such an entertaining game.

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