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Living Dead Media's Top 10 Horror Movies PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jason Boyd   
Sunday, 09 October 2011 21:02

Living Dead Media’s Top 10 Horror Movies


We have compiled a list of some of the top horror films we enjoy each Halloween. We think you will scream in joy..... or terror......



1. C.H.U.D. -1984


C.H.U.D. was pretty terrifying for its time and still delivers a shock factor even the most hardened gore hound can appreciate. I remember seeing this as a kid and avoided manhole covers for quite a while after that.


The story starts out with some bizarre unexplained murders involving the local homeless population. Instead of them looking for food, something has been using them as food. Shepherd (Stern) thinks there is something a bit more sinister behind it. With the help of a local reporter (Greist) they uncover some seedy transactions involving the government dumping toxic waste into the city sewer systems and causing some small mutations…. OK BIG mutations. There is enough blood and guts to keep you glued throughout the film. Check it out.


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2. American Werewolf In London - 1981


This is one of the better werewolf films to hit in the 80’s. Some honorable mentions are The Howling and Wolfen.


What better way to spend the college break than traveling the English country side right? How about running into a town full of superstitious locals and the talk of a beast ripping people apart on the moors, now that’s what I call a vacation. David (Naughton) and his friend Jack (Dunne) dismiss the rumors as crazy drunken locals. David gets to find out how much of a rumor the story really is. After he kills Jack and wakes up with no recollection of what happened things really start getting weird. Zombie apparitions of his victims help him quickly recall the serious side effects when the full moon hits. This has one of the best werewolf transformation scenes in cinema today in my humble opinion.


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3. Night of the Creeps - 1986



Hey ladies! Good news, your dates are here, bad news, they’re dead. With a tag line like that how can you go wrong?


Alien experiments, killer slugs, and crazy college kids, if that isn’t a recipe for disaster then what is? After a strange canister plummets to Earth containing some killer slugs the government manages to clean things up and contain the situation. First time for everything eh? These are your ordinary common garden slugs though….. They like to jump into your brain, lay eggs and turn you into a mindless walking corpse. Flash forward 30 years later where we meet Chris (Lively) and J.C. (Marshall) two losers who are trying to hang with the cool kids and hell maybe even join a fraternity. Of course there is a price for that coolness….. Their first task, steal a cadaver from the local hospital to prove they have what it takes. They happen to stumble upon the frozen corpse containing the last of the slugs rounded up 30 years ago. Unwittingly they unleash the corpse and hell at the same time. Soon the campus is crawling with walking corpses and killer slugs. Can Chris save the girl (Whitlow) along with Detective Cameron (Atkins) and stop this evil scourge from space?



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4. The Other – 1972


This is a genuinely creepy film. Nothing spectacular in terms of blood and guts but smacks you in the face with a pretty intricate plot.


We start out in a farm in Anywhere USA which becomes the focal point of the film. Being out on a farm in the middle of nowhere is enough to make anyone become a murderer over time right? We meet Niles (Chris Udvarnoky) and Holland (Martin Udvarnoky) two seemingly innocent 9 year old twins. After some rather alarming number of “accidents” start happening, Niles believes that his beloved twin brother may be responsible. Or is he? This movie seems a bit lengthy but has a nice twist ending that you won’t find in most modern films today.



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5. Nightmare on Elm Street – 1984


Well this one really needs no intro. Freddy has been haunting nightmares probably longer than some of you have been alive. Don’t bother with the remake as it pretty much sucked.


Freddy is one bad ass you just don’t want visiting your dreams of puppies and baseball. Good ol’ Nancy (Langenkamp) is having a bit of trouble sleeping lately. Could it be the psycho who was believed to have been killed years ago? Freddy was torturing and murdering kids while alive and won’t let a little thing like death stop him from continuing. Great special effects and cast really make this a classic for any horror fanatic.



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6. The Gates of Hell aka City of the Living Dead – 1981


This movie has it all gore, zombies, more gore, drills through the head, dead religious figures, maggots, you name it.


When a priest decides that life is no longer worth living he does the only thing he can think of, end his life at the end of a rope. In doing so he unleashes the gates of hell upon mankind. Strange unexplained happenings, maggots raining from nowhere, zombies start pouring from the cemetery. Can Peter (George) and Mary (MacColl) close the gates before hell consumes us all? Classic Fulci gore and story line. Warning this movie is NOT for anyone with a weak stomach. You have been warned!!



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7. 13 Ghosts – 2001


This was a remake of an older film but they did change some of the ghosts and story around a bit. Still a pretty good movie considering it is a remake.


When good ol’ uncle Cyrus (Abraham) wants to start a collection he really goes all out. Legend tells of 13 ghosts that form a type of anti-zodiac or evil zodiac. These aren’t your chain rattling kind of ghosts, these ghosts will mess your shit up and bad. He is “killed” trying to capture the Juggernaut ghost and leaves his entire estate to his nephew Arthur (Shalhoub). Arthur moves his family into Cyrus’s old estate which is an odd glass house with weird cryptic writings all over it. Seems legit eh? Little does Arthur know that old uncle isn’t dead and the ghosts will extract their revenge on anyone who happens to cross their paths.



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8. Evil Dead – 1981


Here it is, one of Bruce Campbells’ best known movies and probably the one that launched him into the icon he is today. Working on a shoe-string budget and a cast of no name actors this has become a cult classic. This was directed by the legendary Sam Raimi who went on to direct Spiderman.


When Ash (Campbell) and crew decide to retreat into the woods for a little R&R they never expected a Candarian (no not Canadian) demon to join in on the fun. The quaint little cabin soon becomes a camp site for demons, zombies, and other bad ass monsters from hell. Guess next time you find a weird looking book in a cabin along with a translation on tape you will leave it be…… Ah what the hell what’s the worst that can happen?



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9. The Thing – 1982


This is a John Carpenter masterpiece in my opinion. It was a remake of sorts of another film called The Thing from Another Planet. Special effects and the cast make this a movie that should always make any horror lovers list.


After finding a lone dog running the wastelands of the Antarctic with some crazed Russians shooting at it, the US scientific team thinks that the Russians have lost their minds. The Russians were in fact trying to save mankind from an evil alien who can replicate into any organic creature it absorbs. After investigating the remnants of the Russian science outpost they discover that an alien crash landed hundreds of years ago and remained frozen. Not satisfied with leaving things along they unthaw the creature and this is where the terror begins. Who is human and who is alien? Better grab your flamethrower and keep an eye glued to the screen.




Dim lights



10. Night of the Living Dead – 1968


What horror list would be complete without George Romeros classic Night of the Living Dead?


This film is still a staple in most modern zombie cinema and games. The feeling of claustrophobia and sheer terror make this a classic even to this day. I remember sneaking up late at night and watching this on the late night creature features. This film scared the shit out of me as a kid. The house I lived in at the time was pretty much windows. If a zombie outbreak like that happened I was screwed. Plus the zombies were fairly normal looking which made it even more terrifying. If you watch any network stations you will almost be guaranteed to catch this on during Halloween. If for some reason you have not seen it, be sure to watch it with all the lights out. Plus if you hear zombies scratching about outside you be ready.



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