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Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lori Bowland   
Thursday, 14 June 2012 10:34

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

A Film from The Asylum.




The 16th U.S. President takes on the ever hungry living dead!





"Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies,"   is a film that describes an event in the life of the 16th president of the United States and how he becomes a hero in the midst of an outbreak of the undead.

Abraham Lincoln, apparently, had a secret tucked away.  Not only was he one of the most iconic characters in American history, he was also a zombie slayer!   "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies," is a film that viewers may think is just another in a line of silly zombie films made with unlikely characters and on a very low budget.   The viewers would be right, pretty much.   The movie does have a couple of things that set it apart from others of its kind.  The first is the exceptional performance that William Oberst  did portraying the late president.  His interpretation was very accurate from an historical perspective.  The zombie slaying is not given as a factor, obviously. His performance is nicely understated and was consistent with the personality of Mr. Lincoln. Mr. Oberst was one of the best Abraham Lincoln portrayals that I've seen in some time. The other actors did well too with their individual characters.  Nothing on the Olivier scale but decently acted overall.

The film wasn't without serious problems with a few historical details.  One of the worst was the inclusion of General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson as a character.  The general died in May 1863 and the film is set after the Battle of Gettysburg which was in early July of that year.  It, clearly, is a failure on anyone researching the historical timeline of the film.   Another poor choice of character inclusion was a young Theodore Roosevelt who was only five at the time.  The film should have been better researched.   I do, give a great deal of credit to the choice of the place where the film was shot.   Using Fort Pulaski in Georgia was a brilliant idea and gave it an authentic texture.  The zombie make-up effects were in a word, "excellent."  They each had the right amount of decay and were genuinely scary.  The zombie actors were great and viewers won't have any trouble in believing them as the living dead.  On a whole, this wasn't the finest zombie film ever made, but it is far from being terrible. It was a very entertaining, fun and watching Abraham Lincoln in zombie slaying form was a bit of a thrill.


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