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R33PER Virus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lori Bowland   
Monday, 06 August 2012 15:33

The R33PER Virus

by Nathan Barnes


A police dispatcher is trapped in a locked down police building at the very beginnings of a worldwide undead pandemic. The one driving him is the desire is to get to his stranded terrified family while trying to elude the undead in an infested city.


R33PER Virus is what a zombie version of The Odyssey would look like. It was an exceptionally easy read due to its remarkable storyline. It's also a very fast novel to read and it really grabbed my attention.  I finished it in a  very quickly and it will keep other readers very deeply focused on it too.  The writer created a series of events that left the reader wondering what was around the next corner or in this case, paragraph. It had many things happen that were not anticipated. Highly alert zombies, for example.  The reader is given several interesting visuals that go along with the story.  The author writes a semi-urban landscape that is almost totally abandoned giving it a creepy feeling to it. It was easy to get a feel of the emptiness and undead threats everywhere. Why do I think that this story is like The Odyssey?  It's about a man whose duty calls him from the homefront and when it becomes necessary for him to return to his family he makes an epic journey through perilous places. I, also, think that his job, somehow, works as an oblique metaphor for the Trojan War. The only difference is the time in which the story takes place and in the place of a wide variety of monsters the reader gets zombies.  Each of the zombie encounters stands in for things like Scylla and Charybdis, and other mythical monsters.


The story has two characters that are very well developed.  They are Nathan, our hero and resident Odysseus and Lance, a police officer and companion through part of the journey.   Both of these men were interesting characters and the writer kept them from being stereotypes.  Usually, heroes in fiction are paragons of athleticism. One of them, however, is a few pounds overweight.  This is something different that I found appealing. One thing that I found out of the ordinary is the weapon that the hero uses, a Kukri knife. The last time I saw one of these used in a fictional setting was Dracula. I thought that this idea was deeply creative.  The story was nearly flawless.  The one thing that I felt was missing in the story was Lance's journey after the two men part ways.  I think that his journey home would have made a highly interesting side story.   R33PER Virus has all the qualities or the framework to be a zombie epic and to be much more than just another zombie tale.  It has the potential to be an outstanding work of horror fiction. The only real thing standing in its way is the brevity of the novel.