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Machines of the Dead PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lori Bowland   
Wednesday, 04 July 2012 21:56

Machines of the Dead

book 1
by David Bernstein





This novel has a very unique take on the beginnings of a zombie outbreak.    A secret lab below New York City is conducting experiments using nanobots, tiny machines that are programmed to do most anything and they get loose and infect Manhattan.




"Machines of the Dead" is a very fast paced story that will hold the readers interest quite easily. The story has a good flow to it and offers several exciting high points. The beginning of the story starts very well and hits the reader with a hammer. The action begins almost from the first paragraph. This story has a distinct concept about the creation of a zombie epidemic.  It uses the tiny machines that are designed to heal but instead give terrifying results. It's a little Frankensteinian in that respect.  An idea that I found that was very different was a way to counteract the nano-machines that the infected may use.  A good tasering can effectively but painfully fix anyone that becomes infected.   The choice of setting is interesting and a perfect site for the spread of a zombie pandemic. Placing it below New York City gives it a claustrophobic quality.. The story was full of intriguing and highly plausible ideas.


The characters are easy to follow especially the main protagonist, Jack Warren, a man that gets bitten by his wife and becomes infected. John is very much the "everyman" that gets engaged and ensnared in a larger than life situation. His wife gets infected by the patient zero of the tale.  We are introduced to Derek Mayfield, the previously mentioned patient zero. His escape from the facility causes the emergence of zombies.  This is a good choice for the dissemination of the plague.  John is "rescued" from certain death by mysterious persons that invade his home. He is taken to the laboratory where he learns horrifying things.  The villain of the story, Dr. Reynolds, is like a vicious Logan from "Day of the Dead," the 1985 version. He's much less ethical than his cinematic counterpart and constantly defies moral conventions.  There are other characters that give the story greater depth and excitement. They are a friend of Jack’s called Zaun and a female soldier called Maria that become key persons in the final climax and add a bit more fun to the story.


The story is, imaginative, edgy and is a very inventive zombie story.  “Machines of the Dead” was a thoroughly pleasurable reading experience.



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