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Rotter World PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lori Bowland   
Monday, 30 April 2012 13:16

Rotter World

by Scott M. Baker






"Rotter World"  begins when a  local militia finds a group of people holed up in the middle of nowhere and makes a rescue.  Among the rescued is a scientist that developed a zombie virus and has a potential vaccine for the disease.  When they arrive at the militias fortified base, they plan a long trek to retrieve a formula to the vaccine and to produce it once they get to a hidden facility.  They meet the living dead at every turn but they have some pretty extraordinary help, vampires!

This was an excellent horror novel and extremely easy to read.  I began it late one evening and then finished it the following afternoon.  It moves fast and keeps that pace to the very end.  It's enthralling  to say the least.  The story had a very very plausible source of a zombie making virus and it looked like it was well researched.  It had a decent scientific answer to it and didn't leave it as a vague mystery.  One aspect, I find is just a bit puzzling and that is the inclusion of vampires.  This is not to say that they weren't a good addition to the story.    The vampires mentioned in the the story were great characters and I loved reading about them and their deeds they accomplish in the novel.  The thing that baffles me is that they can be infected with the zombie virus just like any other human being.     I had to suspend my disbelief, a little, with this one. Aren't they supposed to be dead too? Anyway, I didn't let it distract me and stop me from having fun reading the novel. This story had a treasure chest of varying personalites for each of the characters.  The author writes each trait in vivid detail  It was possible to imagine them and to get a bit emotionally invested with them. "Rotter World" had some impressive characters.  The ones that I will remember most are  Dr. Compton, the very picture of a morally ambiguous scientist, Natalie who is a strong fighter and something of a nurturer, a vampire that becomes infected when saving a human life, Sultanic and the Angels which were a group of fighters that can take on hordes of zombies.  The novel had a very creative narrative.  In some respects reminded me of "Day of the Dead,"  especially with the bunker like setting and the scientist with no conscience.   I think that readers will have fun with "Rotter World,"  it was an amazing story with weird and wonderful set of ideas.

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